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Biography: Sam was raised by fundamentalist Quakers on a Survivalist ranch/houseboat in the bustling heart of London, UK.
He spent far too long trying to write serious things and getting frustrated when it ended up full of jokes.

New Comedy Short – “Truth”

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From Sam’s autobiography, “The Long, Hard, Difficult Road: Coping with Greatness”:

On His Upbringing:

The Quakers were harsh and strict imposing their doctrine on everyone in the compound with an iron fist. We were forced to believe in the One True Quaker God, unless we didn’t want to, or had other beliefs. No-one was allowed to leave unless they asked to or just walked out. Daily Prayer was mandatory unless you had something else you wanted to do. I remember one boy said he disagreed with the teachings of the Holy text (A huge, dusty tome with a simple message: “Hey, why don’t you try not being a prick for 5 seconds?”), he was dealt with swiftly and brutally: talking, listening, understanding and compromise…

…And the jumble sales. So many jumble sales.

On Comedy:

I’ve always thought of Comedy – with a capital “C” – as the truest form of Art. Nothing else captures the enduring human spirit like a joke about how dogs don’t like cats, or how black people are different from white people. Comedy teaches us about ourselves just as it teaches us about the world around us… Do I think of myself as an Genius and a Hero? That’s for you to decide, dear reader. But also, Yes.

So with all that in mind, prepare yourselves for some self-indulgent, but mercifully brief, Comedy Shorts.


Contrived & Insufferable

Guests are invited in for chat and improv with hosts, Sam Rae and Annie Harris.

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022: Harry Puckering | Improvised Opera about Pig Cruelty

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021: Black Cherry Company | Patrick Marsden, Jon Davis, Ollie Blake

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020: Simon Plotkin, Alex Shaw | Extra Nipples

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